Super Model 2020 Kite REEDIN

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The new Reedin Super Model immediately feels familiar, jumps high and is even suitable for waveriding!

  • Reedin Super Model 2020
  • High performance freeride kite
  • Designed by Kevin Langeree and Damien Girardin
  • Triple Ripstop
  • Super stiff bridles
  • Pump up to 10-12 psi!
  • CNC sewing for strong seams
  • Super Segmented Wingtip


Reedin Super Model 2020 Kite

The ultimate all-round kite from Kevin Langeree

This year, Kevin Langeree and Damien Girardin (formerly Naish kite designer) are starting a new kite brand: Reedin! We are super stoked about the new brand and the materials and we were the first to have the opportunity to test the gear. Read more about this here! The Reedin Super Model 2020 is the first and so far only kite of the brand. This kite is completely designed for the riding style of Kevin Langeree and it will therefore not surprise you that you can jump really high with the Super Model. Yet the Super Model 2020 is not just about big air, but it is a true all-rounder! From novice kiter to triple 'King Of The Air' winner, the Super Model will bring your level to new heights and give you a fun session in all conditions.

What immediately stands out with the Reedin Super Model is a very smooth steering behavior. As soon as you launch the kite for the first time, it immediately feels familiar. This makes the Reedin Super Model suitable for a large group of kite surfers. Beginners will certainly appreciate the wide wind range and predictable steering behavior. Experienced kiters can go wild with the Reedin thanks to an insane lift for jumps and kiteloops to take your level to the next level!

Super features

The Super model has super stiff bridles of pure dyneema which makes it very responsive. New and exclusive to the Reedin kites is that you can pump them up to 10-12 psi thanks to a special stitching technique! As a result, the kite retains a relatively thin leading edge with less drag, faster steering behavior and better performance. The Super Models are designed with a unique profile, thanks to the latest computer simulations. The wing tips of the Super Model are specially designed to cause less drag and as much steering input as possible from the rider for a very efficient steering behaviour.

The Reedin Super Model 2020 kite is equipped with triple ripstop manufactured by Teijin, which ensures a solid frame and a robust construction. The design of the kite is very recognizable and comes in one version; white with red and black accents and a black leading edge and struts. The kite is equipped with a max-flow valve that fits nicely in the Leading Edge. Of course, the Super Model also needs a one-pump system to get on the water as quickly as possible.


  • Reedin Super Model 2020 Kite
  • Designed for Kevin Langeree & Damien Girardin
  • Freeride / big air / wave
  • Mega lift
  • Smooth steering
  • Super stiff bridles
  • Pump up to 10-12 psi!
  • CNC sewing for strong seams
  • Super Segmented Wingtip for efficient steering
  • Light bar input
  • All-rounder
  • Triple ripstop
  • Color: white, black, red
  • One pump system
  • Max flow valve