HB Legion III

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  • NEW TRI-RADIAL FLUID STRUCTURE : the beginning of a new era!
  • A freeride/wave program with TWENTY SETTINGS
  • TWO DIFFERENT BRIDGES to mount on your Legion III
  • A REFINED AND CLEANED design with a high end finish!

The LEGION III was developed for all disciplines: Surf, Freestyle, Freeride & Foil

With the goal of reaching out to all, the Legion III comes with two types of settings:

3 steering pressure and speed settings to suit all levels and wind conditions

3 DRIVING MODE settings to suit all disciplines: SURF / FREERIDE / FREESTYLE

The Freestyle Driving Mode will give you better lift, more front line traction while softening the bar pressure for your wildest tricks.

The All-Round Driving Mode will be there for your freeride sessions with the unique drifting and depower that is the strength of our LEGION range.

And finally, the Surf Driving Mode will help you to ride more waves with increased depower and reactivity to close off-lipping.

With the ton of settings built into the Legion III, your kite will become amazingly versatile and customizable with over twenty different adjustments!

And to vary the pleasures, the Legion III is provided with a second bridle, this one without pulleys, will slightly reduce the depower and the drift but will increase the reaction time and will lock the shape. It will not change, no matter how strong the elements are or how fast you ride !

The LEGION III is a continuation of our LEGION range, which is a freeride kite with an incomparable wave quality. The DRIFT and DEPOWER are the key elements of this new kite which will delight the experts of the discipline and will reassure and accompany the most beginners.

In order to be able to talk to everyone and to support all types of riders in their progression, the LEGION III has 2 types of settings with 3 options each. So you can do everything with your LEGION III, no matter what your level, discipline or affinity.



The LEGION III comes standard with a pulley bridle that makes it a very intuitive and easy to handle kite for wave, freeride, freestyle or foil riding. These pulleys bring DRIFT and DEPOWER into a kite on all low and mid range sessions.

In the LEGION III bag you will find another pulley-less bridle called RADICAL RESPONSIVENESS OPTION. With this bridle you can use the LEGION III in the most powerful conditions, or simply if you are looking for a very robust kite that can react directly to your every move.

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