HB-Surfkite OCTO 5'6"- 5'9"


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Size : 5’6″ x 2 1/8″ x 18 1/4″

Weight : 2,8 kg


Volume : 22,8L

Taille : 5’-9’’ x 18’’ x 2 1/4’’

Poids : 2,9 kg

Volume : 25,2L

The declension of THE board for the lighter weights or the technical riders in strong winds. The outline has been rethought to get identical sensations, the shape by homothety doesn’t exist at HB-surfkite ! A shorter board that compensates with its width to keep control at high speed, a little bit less thick to easily make the rail stick to the bottom. Precise and fast when surfing, its full bamboo / Paulownia rail construction make it the must-have in a surf quiver.