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Last updated: 02/05/2019



 The website is an e-commerce store trading products and services via the Internet (hereinafter referred to as "online store" or "website" or "site") created and operated by the company named "PARASKEVOPOULOS IOANNIS, ACHILLEAS SDRAKAS GP" seated in Moschato-Athens, no. 5 Makrygianni, and is legally represented, with VAT n. 801051210 and Tax Office of. Moschato, e-mail address info@saltybandits, telephone number for e-shop customer service: +30 6942633956, (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the e-shop under the trademark "Salty Bandits", which is located at Any user who visits and trades or makes use of the services of the online store (hereinafter referred to as "visitor" or "user" or "customer" depending on whether it is limited to a visit only to the store or also orders and purchases products and services) it is hereby deemed to consent and accepts unconditionally the following terms herewith without exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, he/she at his own responsibility should refrain from the visit, use of the site as well as any transaction or use of the e-shop services. However, any action by the user in the online store, including, but not limited to, browsing, subscribing to the newsletter of the Company, or buying products is considered as an unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use.


 General terms

 The Company reserves the right to modify or revise freely the terms and conditions of use and transactions from the online store whenever it deems it necessary, and undertakes to inform consumers of any change through the e-shop page. Any modifications will be effective from the date of posting on this site. It is clarified that any change to these Terms of Use does not include orders that the customer has already made within our online store prior to the entry into force of the modifications as above. The use of following the above mentioned amendment is deemed to be acceptance of the Terms of Use as amended.
Applicants become official members after registering on the website. The Company is entitled to refuse a member's request to provide any of the Services or to carry out transactions with an unjustified or/and legitimate reason (such as indicatively due to a prior violation of these Terms and Conditions, unlawful behaviour, etc.) the company.
If you wish, you can subscribe to our list of newsletters. Registration is also possible for non-members.


User Registration

 User registration at is optional. Each customer is registered only once. By using the unique combination of E-mail and Password that the customer has chosen and declared, he/she has the following capabilities:
• Sees the contents of his shopping cart ("My Cart"). The Basket displays the products the customer has chosen to order. The customer can make orders for products whose review or change (deletion of items, change of quantities) is possible at any time until the order is completed.
• Complete the order and pay by choosing one of the payment options provided by the online store.
• See his previous orders.
• Modify his Client Account Details.
The registration and participation of the user is free of charge, personal, non-transmittable and non-transferable. The user is responsible for the information he provides to the Company and the website is solely based on his/her statements regarding his/her personal information. The data entered at the time of registration must be complete, true and up-to-date. If a legal entity is registered as a user, the name of the contact person and the full name of the legal person must be stated. In the event of a change of data, the user is obliged to inform immediately about his new information so that he is always complete and true.
 The personal information provided by the user upon his/her registration, the Company processes them exclusively for the purpose of (a) creating an account at, (b) communicating with him regarding the transactions between them (eg to protect the ability to contact sim, to complete, send and deliver his order, for the payment and safe financial transaction) and (c) to send him information, adevertising and promotional material on the products and services of the Company, including its third party partnerships. With respect to the collection and processing of personal data, the terms and provisions of the Privacy Policy apply.

 According to the above by registering, the user expressly gives his consent to the collection and processing of his data in accordance with these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which Terms and Policies declares to have read, understood and accepted fully and unreservedly. He may at any time withdraw his consent to the collection and processing of personal data he has provided to us in accordance with the above, deleting the user by sending an email to He may at any time have access to his or her data, or may at any time request the immediate deletion or correction of his or her data, its temporary non-use by, its commitment or non-transmission, following the same as the above email sending process. Personal data is not disclosed to any third party and is managed exclusively by the company for specific purposes.


What personal data do we collect and process?

Your personal data that we collect and process is always relevant and suitable for the fulfillment of our obligations towards you and the execution of transactions on our website.

In particular, the data we collect is:

(a) Predefined data when registering as a member, as well as in other fields of our website (such as "My Account", "Product Request", "Contact Us", "Send Us an E-mail" " Order Placement", "Gift Card"), such as name, surname, address, member ‘s date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, member's name, member’s code. From these data, what is optional is declared by you at your sole discretion in your free will.

b) Your e-mail address in case you are subscribed to the list to receive newsletters from our company (without at the same time registering as a member).

c) You also declare the personal data that is relevant and suitable for the execution of your specific purchase at any time such as the full delivery address, full billing address, payment details.

d) If you suggest us to a friend of yours and if you wish to send a friend of yours a "Gift Card", we collect the name and e-mail address of your friend, the recipient of the message.

e) Finally communications’ data such as for e.g. IP address that are technically necessary for your navigation on our website or/and for making purchases that are maintained for as long as the law provides for businesses like ours. (Law 2742/1997, Law 3471/2006, as in force, as well as the relevant to them provisions.)


Your consent

By navigating to our Website or registering as a member of our website or by purchasing any product from our website or by subscribing to our newsletter, you declare that you accept and consent to this Policy as well as you give us your explicit consent to the collection and processing of your personal data as referred to in Article 2 above.
If you purchase products from our website, you provide us with your consent:

a) By sending a request for an order, you consent to downloading to your e-mail address the notifications, which are a prerequisite for the correct development of your order.

b) Τo send you newsletters for products or/and services available through our website. You can recant this consent at any time by contacting our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section or by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' link in any of our emails.

The Company does not store credit card data and information, which is safely and on its sole responsibility managed by the payment service provider through the website where payments are processed and executed.
However in case of a notification by the member, made only to the responsible authorized employees of ours, as they are the only ones having access to any of your account information is necessary for processing your request, information of its postal bank or/and bank account, the member agrees that the Company will use this information for all possible refunds to the member such as, for example, in case of withdrawal. For refunds of amounts made to members' credit cards solely responsible for the processing of such data are only the cooperating banks (issuer and recipient).
The Company is not in any way responsible for actions regarding your personal data taken by third party websites from which you were directed or have accessed its Website.


Communication and Marketing

If you have purchased from our Website, you may from time to time receive updates with general information or/and promotional character (newsletters) regarding our latest products, news from the Company's activities (such as competitions, winners, etc.) as well as special offers via e-mail, SMS, letters and phone. For the above marketing actions, the member agrees that the Company will process and use his/her personal data.
All members of the Website may withdraw their consent from the use of their personal data and choose not to receive communications for marketing purposes (newsletters). If you wish to stop receiving communications for marketing purposes (newsletters) by us or/and selected third parties, you can do it by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in any communication of ours through email or by sending us an email at


Website statistics

We may collect and process for statistical purposes or in order to improve your experience on our website:

• Information about your computer, your visits, and use of this Website (e.g., your IP address, location, browser, how the Website was updated, the duration of the visit and the number of views per page).

• Information about any transactions you have made with us on or about this Website
The Company collects and processes such information as well as those resulting from the cookies used on the site under Article 5 above, in order to improve the services offered to the Website’s users (both technologically and in terms of user experience) as well as for statistical purposes.
If you need more information about how we collect and process your personal information and the above information, please contact our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section.


Taking care of the security of your data

Our Company uses automated systems to perform the necessary controls to combat fraud, and so by means of sample checks using technical means we may use personal information provided by you. The member agrees that if there is reasonable data and if it is required by a specific circumstance, the Website will have the right to collect, to process and to use these data that are necessary for the disclosure of any illegal or unlawful use of the Website. This information may be disclosed to a credit ability or fraud prevention firm that may keep a record of this information. This only happens to confirm your identity (no credit check is performed and your credit rating is unaffected).
We reserve the right to disclose your information if so requested by the police or any regulatory or governmental authority in the course of inquiries about activities during the visit of the website in the case of a lawful order, service order or official preliminary examination.

The Company may also transmit your personal data to law enforcement and supervisory authorities for the necessary protection against risks to public and public security and for the prosecution of criminal offenses and the member expressly consents to such transmission. In addition, we can not be held responsible for the privacy policy of the financial institutions with which we work, especially about the conditions of their use for the execution of various transactions.

We take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the personal data and activities that we collect as provided in this Policy and during the use of the Website. However, it is noted that in particular the transmission of information over the Internet is not entirely safe. We will do our best to protect your personal data, but we can not guarantee the security of the data transmitted to our Website (any transmission is at your own risk). Once we receive your information, we use stringent security procedures and features to prevent unauthorized use.

 To protect your data, the Company uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology by Lets Encrypt.
Credit Card Data transmitted from our Site to Credit Card Clearing Companies is governed by the rules set by the Payment Card Industry Department of Security Standards (PCI DSS). The mission of this Council is 'to enhance the security of payment account data by promoting knowledge and training in PCI Security Standards'. The Board was founded by AmericanExpress, DiscoverFinancialServices, JCBInternational, MasterCardWorldwide and VisaInc. For more information about the Payment Card Dept Safety Standards Board, visit its website.


We do not keep a record of your credit card details

According to the above, our Website does not store any credit/debit card information you type when submitting your order, nor is it recorded in case of a telephone order. Before you approve any transaction, you are directly linked to a hyperlink to another website that uses an online credit card clearing technology under the responsibility of VivaWallet , Paypal and all greek banks that we hold an account. This means that our Website does not, for any reason, use any credit/debit card information you have typed, as these are not visible on it.
 It is noted that we can not guarantee the security of data, information, etc. we receive via e-mail. Therefore, you should NOT send us information and payment information by e-mail. However, if you choose to disclose your information to us, as indicatively by telephone order, you are expressly giving us your consent to use them only for the payment of your order, while our company does not store this information at all.


Disclosure of your information

We may disclose your personal information to any of our group companies. We may also disclose your personal information to third parties:

- If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with any legal requirements or to enforce or apply our Terms and Conditions or to protect the rights, property or security of the Website, of our customers or others. For example, we may exchange information with other companies and organizations for protection against fraud and credit risk mitigation.
Third Party Sites
You may find on our Website links to and from the Websites of our co operators’ network, advertisers and other third parties. These Websites have our own privacy policies and we accept no responsibility for them, nor do we guarantee the correct or lawful use of your personal data by them. Therefore, if you visit a link on any of these Websites, we strongly recommend that you read these policies before importing any personal data into these Websites.


Check your date

If you wish to access or/and update the information you have submitted to our Website, you can contact our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section. In the same way you can exert your right of objection.
As part of the security procedures we follow, we may request user identification information as stated on our website before providing you with any information, to confirm your identity and to insure you. You need to take care of the security of your information, as you will be responsible for any action we take responding to a request from someone using your email address and password. We strongly recommend that you do not allow your browser to store your password, as it would give other people using your computer access to your personal information.


Closing membership

If you wish to unsubscribe from Member of our Website, you can contact our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section. If you unsubscribe from a member, we will also delete any personal data you have given us until you are deleted as a member of the Website. Exceptionally, you consent to the storage and use of your personal data and after your membership in the Website for the formation of the statistics of our Website (after becoming anonymous) and in the event of a pending order or financial or other pending between our company and you and until its full and complete settlement/satisfaction.


Contact us

"PARASKEVOPOULOS IOANNIS, ACHILLEAS SDRAKAS GP" (see postal address below) is responsible for processing your data under Law 2472/1997 on the Protection of Individuals regarding the processing of personal data (hereafter referred to as the "Law") which is conducted under this Policy.
 You have the right to access the information that the Company maintains about you and you can exert this right according to the Law. You can submit a request for free access, however, depending on the personal information you request, we may charge an amount to cover the cost of providing details of the information we have. We will notify you of the possibility of such charges upon receipt of your request for access and we will await your confirmation of the continuation of the procedure and payment of this amount.
 If you have any questions or comments about the above, or if you want to stop processing your information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Customer Support Department via e-mail, live chat, telephone or even with written letter, it will be our pleasure to answer any question you may have. Please note that all telephone calls may be recorded for educational purposes, for security reasons or for service control. Finally, a record of all live conversations or sent emails is kept for purposes of tracking requests and for statistical purposes.

 Our Customer Support Department provides support services only in English and Greek.
You can contact our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section.
You can still send us a letter to:

«Salty Bandits»
Moschato, no. 5 Makrygianni
18344 Athens, Greece


For the rest, the Terms and Conditions are in force and binding in total.